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Ranch & Cattle work

Ernest H. Cannon’s reputation as a world-class rancher and horse cutter equals his reputation as a world-class trial lawyer. Owner of Jae Bar Fletch, this legendary champion cutting horse made an indelible mark on the world of horse cutting.

A lifelong passion for ranching led to his acquisition of many large-scale ranches over the years, in which he selected only the finest genetic blends  to create herds of extraordinary F1 female Brahman-Hereford cattle. Cannon has won many Grand Championships and other high honors in both Houston and San Antonio for the quality of his work.

Ernest Cannon Ranch.jpeg
Ernest Cannon and Jae Bar Fletch

While Cannon built his reputation in the cattle industry, he also took his American Quarter Horse Jae Bar Fletch to the heights of fame in the sport of horse cutting. Jae Bar Fletch, part of a distinguished bloodline that also produced an award-winning sibling and offspring, won several National Cutting Horse Association Championships in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This famous horse continued to live a long and happy life until sheath cancer took him at the age of 27.

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