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Ernest H. Cannon

Texas Attorney, Rancher, and Commercial Cattle Owner

Welcome to the official website for Ernest H. Cannon. Mr. Cannon’s legendary career as Texas attorney encompasses six decades of tireless client advocacy and distinguished achievement. The Stephenville trial lawyer has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in countless civil cases, making national headlines on numerous occasions for his aggressive courtroom style, passion for justice, and remarkable results.

Mark Lanier and Ernest Cannon.jpg

Ernest Cannon enjoys a reputation as one of the most successful trial lawyers in the nation. Many of the historic cases tried by the Stephenville plaintiff attorney have led to awards of millions or billions of dollars in compensatory damages for individuals who suffered injury, death, or other catastrophic losses. Some of his most historic cases have also resulted in the award of millions of dollars in punitive damages as the courts sought, not only to compensate plaintiffs, but also to send a message to large corporations who thought they were above the law, from BP to Johnson & Johnson.                                                                                                         

In addition to his life’s work as a Texas attorney, Ernest Cannon has pursued his love of ranching and cutting horses for many years. His greatest achievement along these lines is the famous horse J Bar Fletch. Cannon has owned many ranches throughout Texas and neighboring states, breeding and raising some of the highest-quality cattle in the nation. Take a moment to learn more about Ernest Cannon’s life, career, and interests by exploring this site’s About, Ranching, Charities, and Case Summary pages.

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